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Singabera - Artisan Handbaked Granola Nutty Raisin Crunch 400gr

Brand: Singabera

Rp. 82.800


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  • Dimensi: 16 x 6 x 24 cm
  • Berat Produk: 400gr

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Nutrient-rich oats baked with selection of super nuts, natural raisins and the best Indonesian spices create a spoonful of healthy goodness. With a soft caramel touch of Singaber Organic Coconut Sugar, this delicious energy-boosting granola simply satisfies and becomes our all time favorite to start the day.
  • Golden toasted oats
  • Local cashew & almond
  • Sun maid raisin
  • Organic coconut sugar

Sharing the same passion for the richness of Indonesian tropical ingredients to create real nutrition food, the Na family and I have teamed up to share our very own homemade granola and bring the exotic flavors from this archipelago to your kitchen. Hand selected fruits, nuts and spices from local farmers and community along with premium crunchy oats are heartly blended in a small batches by handand perfected over time at our kitchen in East Surakarta.

We only take honest ingredients naturally loaded with healthbenefits in every granola recipe to get you a pure guilt-free indulgence. We also commit to sustainable farming practice and production process to deliver a "taste-good-feel-good" experience for you. We hope you enjoy every sponful of this wholesome treat.

Nutrition Facts

Takaran Saji 40gr Jumlah sajian per kemasan 10
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Energi Total
Energi dari Lemak
Lemak Total
Karbohidrat Total

*Persen AKG berdasarkan pada diet 2.000 kalori. AKG dapat lebih tinggi atau lebih rendah tergantung pada kebutuhan kalori masing-masing. Komposisi: Havermut Utuh, Kismis, Kacang Almond, Biji Labu, Biji Bunga Matahari, Kacang Mede, Gula Kelapa Singabera, Minyak Kelapa, Vanilla, Kayu Manis. Mengandung: Kacang, Havermut dan Kelapa.

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